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This 3-day programme is targeted at people who wish to gain a knowledge of the risk models and techniques used in credit risk management. This course discusses about the different models used in managing credit risk underpinning theory and implementation.

This course takes into account :

  • Evolution of Basel Theory & Principals
  • PD Models
  • LGD Models
  • EAD Models

Delegates will learn how to better explain to stakeholders the meanings of and the measurements associated with various risks that banks and financial institutions are exposed to.

This will allow delegates to also communicate and measure risk appetite and tolerance levels.



The objectives of this course are to provide a broad introduction to:

  • The widely used credit models used to estimate EADs, PDs and LGDs;
  • Credit portfolio modelling for both default and migration risk
  • Implementation of IFRIS9
  • Risk Tolerance
  • Risk Appetite



  • Senior Management
  • Bankers
  • Credit Risk Professionals
  • Risk Professionals
  • Risk Analysts
  • Chief Audit Executives


The overall aim of this workshop is to equip participants with a comprehensive overview of infrastructure financing techniques by taking them through all stages of an infrastructure financed transaction. At the end of the course participants will be able to:

  • Apply a structured and systematic approach to assessing infrastructure finance transactions
  • Recognise the key characteristics of a robust project and identify the weakest links in the transaction
  • Use qualitative and quantitative tools and measures to distinguish the key risks
  • Interpret each of the risks to determine their severity and potential impact on the transaction structure
  • Appreciate how the mechanisms in the transaction documents operate to protect the creditors and evaluate the protection provided
  • Build a credit rationale in order to make and substantiate investment decisions.
  • The workshop will make extensive use of case studies and exercises which can come from the following sectors:
    • Public-Private Partnerships (PPP)
    • Infrastructure & Public Services Projects (Transport, Municipal)
    • The power sector
    • Oil/gas, natural resources and industry projects
    • Risk determinations and mitigation
  • Cash Modelling & Projections



The Infrastructure Finance Course is designed to appeal to project sponsors, bankers and advisors who are interested in the principles of analysing infrastructure finance risk and the main elements of structuring infrastructure finance debt. The course is suitable for anyone who needs to build, review or analyse infrastructure finance models. Typical attendees risk analysis, managers, project financiers, project sponsors and bankers.

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