End to End ERM

RiskInsights dissects the Risk Tool Box of an organization:

  • Risk Management Culture, Processes, Policies, Capacity, Reporting & Models
  • We identify risk management gaps in the organization and provide solutions to bridge such gaps
  • We quantify and valuate risk in order to enhance the organization’s Risk Tool Box
  • We set and enhance the organization’s policies and processes
  • We provide directional support on application of risk management processes and policies
  • We train and develop risk management professionals in the organization in order to transfer knowledge and to build risk management capacity within organizations
  • We provide credit rating advisory services

Corporate Governance

RiskInsights provides the following:

  • Review and ensure strong segregation of duties
  • Ensure adherence and apply Standard Operating Procedures in line with the Best Industry Practices
  • Analyze and identify gaps in organizational design in line with the strategic objectives of the organization
  • Examine and recommend appropriate delegation of authority
  • Examine adherence to strong Terms of Reference to Board committee structures and to ensure implementation of policies and procedure in line with relevant mandates
  • Examine and measure compliance to regulations of particular industries and jurisdictions


Insurance Risk

RiskInsights provides:

  • Capital adequacy management
  • Ensure adherence to the regulatory requirements
  • Review and provide efficient data management solutions
  • Provide actuarial analysis and probability processing
  • Ensure appropriate risk management and product optimization



Turn Around Strategies of Distressed Companies

RiskInsights is able to:

  • Analyze market environment of distressed institutions
  • Dissect financial position
  • Restructure and rehabilitate companies
  • Simulate the impact of various events on the organization
  • Care-take institutions in distress for a period of time to assist with turnaround of company



Basel II / III

RiskInsights provides:

  • Develop and validate PD/LGD/EAD models for Credit / Operational and Market Risk in line with regulatory requirements in specific jurisdiction
  • Calculation of regulatory and economic capital
  • Measurement and calculate risk tolerance and risk appetite




Investment banking boutique Services: Debt /Equity

RiskInsights provides:

  • Review and recommend balance sheet profile optimization of the organization
  • Use structured finance solutions
  • Provide balance sheet management tools
  • Provide net present value modelling tools
  • Build and test scenarios for the organization



Asset & Liability / Treasury Management

RiskInsights provides:

  • Treasury risk management solutions
  • Working capital management optimization
  • ERP implementation
  • Tailored cash management solutions
  • Interim treasury solutions
  • Foreign exchange and interest risk management
  • Treasury centralization and in-house bank support
  • Cash flow forecasting
  • Corporate finance structures
  • Supply chain management optimization