Risk Insights CSR : Career Mentoring – Youth Development

Dr Anushka Bogdanov MD of Risk Insights and Mr Lebogang Malekutu

As part of our training program and career mentoring. Risk Insights had 20 year old Lebogang Malekutu joining us for two weeks.

Lebogang is from a rural township called Tweelaagte in Rustenburg. He is currently a 2nd year at Wits University studying towards a BSC in Mathematics. He had the opportunity to learn about data analysis and building risk models. As part of building predictive risk models, Lebogang has experienced connecting the value chain of building models. He had the opportunity to work with a subsidiary of Risk Insights called Kamdali. Kamdali is an organic food distribution business with emphasis on health risk management and healthy eating. Lebogang was able to have first hand experience into:

  • gathering data
  • transforming and cleaning data
  • using data to create predictive analysis using structured techniques
  • creating strategy, and
  • Monitoring and reporting of strategy based on data gathering.

Watch Interview with Lebohang Malekutu https://youtu.be/lhQcTIynOkA

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